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Senior Showcase is an important right of passage for acting students around the country, and one of the biggest perks of attending a highly rated conservatory.  The debutante ball of BFA and MFA programs, the showcase is one of the best ways for young actors to get their feet in the door with agents and casting directors on both coasts.  This week onhurryupandwait, Ethan and KC attend two different showcases and talk with students afterwards, hear from numerous alums of four different programs, and catch up with their former Professor (and showcase director) Ingrid Sonnichsen.  It’s a fascinating look at all that goes into making a showcase- and the real world that arrives once it’s over.

Special Thanks: Grayson DeJesus, Chris Douglass, Jarid Faubel, Sonja Field, Lara Hillier, Helen Kim, Antonio Marziale, Joe Mendick, Jeffrey Omura, Jordan Phillips, Topher Alan Payne, Tess Primack, Grace Rao, Anthony Scamihorn, Dru Smith, Ingrid Sonnichsen

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