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hurryupand…wait where did you go??


Thank you for listening and for visiting our site! It has been such an immense pleasure having weekly conversations with world-class artists and sharing them with the wonderful community we’ve found through this podcast. Loyal listeners have probably noticed radio silence for quite a while… turns out that, well, life ebs and flows, and podcasts eb […]

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Audition Rep Matchmaker Sara Glancy

Sara Glancy

This week on the show we welcome performer, teacher and Audition Rep Matchmaker Sara Glancy! Sara is a CAP21-trained musical theater performer recently seen in Shakespeare in The Parking Lot’s “As You Like It” and in an all-star, Marc Bruni-directed reading of new work “Trevor: The Musical.” In addition to working as an actor (and […]

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“That Reminds Me…” Producing a Series with Jenny Paul, Chelsea Roach and Monica Cangero

That Reminds Me

Hurryupandwait is back after a summer hiatus! This week KC sits with actor/producers Jenny Paul, Chelsea Roach and Monica Cangero of “That Reminds Me…” the webseries. The ladies discuss challenges of producing a series, how to wear multiple hats, DIY filmmaking, and becoming a family (literally) on set. “That Reminds Me…” is “a webseries about […]

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Everyone Wants to Hear Daisy Hobbs Belt

Daisy Hobbs

Broadway performer and dance teacher Daisy Hobbs joins us this week to talk about working on Disney’s “Aladdin,” her choreography business “The Wedding Dance Pros,” and how to be a serial entrepreneur! Check out Daisy’s new musical theater single “Everyone Wants to Hear a Black Girl Belt” on itunes, and head for more on Daisy’s business. For more […]

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Sci-fi rocks with Jef Burandt of Americans UK

Jef Burandt

Welcome composer, writer, rock star Jef Burandt to the podcast! Straight from Brooklyn sci-fi rock band Americans UK, Jef talks about the band’s aesthetic, innovations in storytelling, working long-term in the industry and his latest EP with American UK, “Odd Shnozz and the Odd Squad,” released alongside the graphic novel series of the same name. Do you […]

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