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Sci-fi rocks with Jef Burandt of Americans UK

Jef Burandt

Welcome composer, writer, rock star Jef Burandt to the podcast! Straight from Brooklyn sci-fi rock band Americans UK, Jef talks about the band’s aesthetic, innovations in storytelling, working long-term in the industry and his latest EP with American UK, “Odd Shnozz and the Odd Squad,” released alongside the graphic novel series of the same name.

Do you know what a colorist does? Neither did we.

Find out more about Americans UK, purchase their music and watch the video for “Hostile Takeover” at  Download the “Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad” soundtrack at, and head to ComiXology to download the “Odd Squad” graphic novel series. Find more of Jef Burandt’s writing here.

Thanks to Americans UK for providing our end-of-episode music, “Odd Shnozz and the Odd Squad.”

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