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The Reunion Show! 2014 in Review


This week we are thrilled to reconnect with actors Christine Bullen, Stefanie O’Connell and Will Brill for the first ever hurryupandwait reunion! Christine, Stefanie and Will took the sketch, publishing and Broadway worlds by storm in 2014, and open up about their biggest challenges, greatest accomplishments and goals for the coming year. We loved having […]

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Stunts, Shakespeare and Silliness with Seth Andrew Bridges


This week on hurryupandwait we are joined by actor Seth Andrew Bridges. Seth is a New York based actor, stunt performer and fight choreographer, and talks to us about getting started in the biz, working regionally at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, TheatreSquared and elsewhere, and how to get thrown down the stairs repeatedly. Wait, is […]

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Dariush Kashani (Part 1)- Making Choices


This week we are thrilled to present the first installment of our two part series with actor Dariush Kashani.  Dariush has worked onstage and in film and television on both coasts, and is currently onstage in New York Theatre Workshop’s “The Invisible Hand” by acclaimed playwright Ayad Akhtar.  Dariush talks to us about catching the […]

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Marketing, theatergoing, and staying motivated

On episode three of hurryupandwait: the podcast for actors who are in it for the long haul, Ethan and KC talk about auditions, marketing, and recent theatergoing experiences.  They ponder the illusive pursuit of “results:” how do we stay motivated when short-term rewards dry up?  They pose this question with no clear answer, but to open up discussion […]

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Slow week, job drama, and broken brokers

It’s the second episode of hurryupandwait: the podcast for actors who are in it for the long haul, and it’s been a slow week!  Hosts Ethan Saks and KC Wright take this opportunity to discuss actor “life things:” survival jobs, apartment hunting, and how to deal with slow weeks.  Also, mice. Please shoot us an email! […]

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