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Our Team

NYC-based actors Ethan Saks and KC Wright host this weekly discussion of life post-BFA. From where to live, to where to work, to how to stay sane through times both busy and slow, join them and their industry guests on this exploration of the long-term acting grind!

KC Wright

KC grew up in Northern Virginia, where frequent trips to Studio Theatre, Arena Stage, and Signature solidified her love for live performance.  She got her professional start as a teen on DC stages, and went on to earn her BFA at Carnegie Mellon University.  After a successful Senior Showcase in Los Angeles, KC packed up and moved out west in 2009.  She immersed herself in the film and television industry, and performed the role of Darling in City Garage Theatre’s acclaimed production (and subsequent re-mount) of Chuck Mee’s “Paradise Park.” KC moved to New York in 2012, and can now be found performing in plays, auditioning, and absorbing endless beauty and culture all around the city.  Her consummate love of “This American Life” and other NPR podcasts remain a continuous inspiration for hurryupandwait. Ira- if you’re reading- call me!  KC’s 2011 “Take Five” Columns for Backstage Magazine can be found here, and you can find more information at her website,

Ethan Saks

Ethan graduated with a BFA in acting from Carnegie Mellon University. After graduation, he moved to Chicago where his credits include Timeline Theatre Company’s world premiere of  “To Master the Art” (Equity Jeff Nomination: Best Play) and producing and starring in “LOW” with Slingshot Productions, of which he is a founding member. He has worked regionally with Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Utah Shakespearean Festival, Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre, The Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, and The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina. When he’s not podcasting, Ethan nerds-it-up with games of all kind, enjoys preparing (and imbibing) delicious cocktails, and cooking up a storm in Brooklyn with his lovely fiancee, Jenn